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"Tina has coached me whilst I have settled into a new country and has been a great support in helping me find practical ways in which I can feel more at home.  I found moving to another country where I didn’t speak the language much more of an ongoing challenge than I expected but with Tina’s coaching I have been able to put things in perspective and feel relaxed and settled more quickly. 

On a personal basis I’ve been able to use this time to take stock and to clarify what is important to me in life, to value the natural strengths I have and to be more patient with myself.  In addition, on the business side, she has helped me to recognise the value that I bring to my clients and how I can start to move forwards with my business. 

Tina is a great coach and I would be very confident in recommending her to others. "

Sarah Dixon, France

"I had the privilege of being coached by Tina in the year 2004.
I was going through a stagnation period in my own study process and was seriously lacking in motivation, direction, and focus.
In short, I had lost the plot!!!
Tina is very skilled and intuitive and manages to dig down to the heart of matters in an unthreatening way.
I enjoyed her sense of humour, her dedication, listening skills and the fact that she refused to let me “ sit on the fence “ for too long.
She is empathetic and professional while retaining the necessary focus to move a client in the right direction to success.
With Tina’s coaching I was able to shake off the gloom, get my website designed and functioning, design and print my brochures and to generally feel good about being a coach and having the self-confidence to market myself as such.
I can thoroughly recommend Tina as a coach, she would never fail you."

Christine-Maria McGregor
Certified Life Coach
“Life Matters Life Coaching “
Reiki 2 Practitioner